Maison Laponte comes from the skilful hands and creative minds of two young talents: Gianandrea Sergi and Benedetta Bertolini.
After their studies in fashion design and different periods of individual experience - in tailoring for him and in fabric design for her – the two give life to a creative process that would eventually lead to the birth of the label and subsequently to the opening of the flagship store in 2017 in Corso di Porta Ticinese 87.
The main characteristic of  Maison Laponte is the uniqueness: both in terms of style and production.
In the workshop-atelier, Giangi and Benny, with the rest of the family, take care of the key phases for the realization of the finished product. The family-run label offers a 360-degree service from design to datasheets, up to the model making curated by Gianandrea. Fundamental is the search for fabrics which takes up most of the time before the concretization of the designs. All the materials, carefully selected, are hardly ever used in their virgin form but as basis for the prints, even these customised.
Prints are Benedetta’s creative outlet, hand-drawn on paper or canvas and also with the use of technological media, are printed using experimental and traditional techniques.
Unique are the embroderies, the transfer and the patches; a strong point of Cristian Felicissimo, third angle of Maison Laponte’square.
Cut and prototyping are the final steps edited by the atelier before all the pieces  are sent to local laboratory for the finishing touches.
The finished product returns in the Laponte’s house at the distribution stage, from quality control to the packaging, everything is regulated on the spot.
ML is characterized both in a visual level and in terms of communication: from punk to generous volumes, adverse between fragility, confidence and outstanding charism via layering and abboundances, It give rise to recognizable volumes that up to now are the brand’s element of continuity.
The brand has recently decided to work on its communication. Social, video and  adv come from the shaing of ideas within the team and thir decoding and interpretation from the label trump card; Giulia Luculli is the one who connect the dots and voices the visual imagery.
Whit the new year Maison Laponte began to collaborate with StuzioZ in the centers of Milan and Paris, along with Maximilian Linz, a specialized Press office.
Maison Laponte is nothing but the result of ethic and hard work of four people that together are trying to create an image 0 of what is the result from their different social expiriences and the contemporary sperimentation, influenced by images, sounds and colors.
Gianandrea Segi is born in Milan in 1990 with a mohawk.
From the first moments of his life, it was clear that punk and fashion wuld have important roles in his professional growth.
At the early age of 6 he finds himself drawing clothes for the very first time: clearly rich in details, transparencies and unconventionally decorated with giant daisies.
Gianandrea attended - more or less - secondary school then devoted his energies - more or less - to Marangoni, altough he failed to complete his studies. His wish was to concentrate on model making and craftmanship; for this reason in 2011 he decides to do a 3 year internship at the tailoring “Caristo Forbice d’Oro” in Turin that endorses him and makes him more dandy than he ever was.
In 2014 together with his mentor, Gianandrea flyes to China to join and win an award in tailoring.
For the next year his life is divided between Milan and Beijing to collaborate with local tailoring and thus began his business.
The years between 2015 and 2017 led to a significant increase of work, all the capsule collections signed by Maison Laponte were produced and sold by regional distributors. These however limited the core of the brand smoothering its punk soul. No way !
Giangi then decides to open the first atelier in Caradosso, near Cadorna station, in the Meneghino’s historical center. A small-sized workspace, sartorial and 100% punk.
Music is certantly not lacking, not only because it’s the designer’second passion but also because is one of the major inspiration for the brand.
A week before the opening of the flagship store in Corso di porta Ticinese, in December 2017, Gianandrea meets Benedetta; who was to be his partner not only in life but also in fashion: thus, the new and current Maison Laponte is born. A combination of double essences, agreements and tattoos.
The next year, at the turn of the first collection, the two moved in the current workspace and start to implement what is Maison Laponte modus operandi.
Of Tuscan origin but naturalized Milanese, Benedetta Bertolini was born in Piombino in 1991. Daughter of fashion from two generations, a talor and an upholsterer as grandfathers and two parents that breathe style, perceivable from their boutiques.
Benny, always a rebel, initially sought to avoid the fashion world: maybe because is too familiar, pheraps because is too formal for her libertine spirit at times revolutionary.
A young woman, romantic-punk in the marrow, she strarts drawing at the age of 5 before later attending art school; driven by the contrast of the approach of the feminime world’s imposition , tainted by a male-oriented language, she draws closer to the idea of becoming an artist.
With the transfer to Milan in 2013, Benedetta has not yet reached her total awareness but she enrolled at Accademia di Brera where she studies painting for only two years; too institutional for a girl who wants to express herself and on a hunt for her true self.
She wdoesn't want to leave art but decides to distance herself from the academic environment and casually get back to fashion. Out of necessity Benny starts to work in the MiuMiu boutique in Via della Spiga where she embarks on a path of personal growth. The familiarity with the environment helps and within a year she goes from the direct contact with the clientele to the showroom. During this sabatical Benedetta realises that there’s no point running away from her destiny and starts to demonstrate interest in studies again.
She starts to draw againg, this time fabrics so she enrolled at IED in Como, specialized in fabric design.
Benedetta graduates in 2018 and for a year she specialised at Erika Tessuti. Restored her everyday life she meets and connect with Gianandrea, whom would open his first Maison Laponte flagship store .
This partnership, in life and in the profession began spontaneously and Benedetta is complitely drawn into fashion and in 2019 along with her life-partner create the first MLW: an artsy woman with a deep soul, brave, a crust punk with a Mikado silk skirt. Immediately the objective is to create a new vision of the woman, far from the classicism without distorting her femminility, demure and chaste albeit rich in transparencies and macramè.