Benedetta and Gianandrea did not meet by chance. She wanted a special dress for her graduation and a dear friend introduced her to him, an apprentice in a tailor's shop. 
It was a striking encounter.
Not only between two souls who immediately recognised each other, but between two complementary and symbiotic creativities that feed off each other's inspirations, cultural references, music, poetry and life.
Two different personalities, two different sensibilities: Benedetta Bertolini, Tuscan by birth - with a grandfather who was an upholsterer and a tailor who inspired her to be creative in fabric and fashion, as well as parents who are fashion merchants in the Livorno area - has a contemplative vocation, she is pure creativity that meditates and visualises. She does not like to talk, she learned to express her creativity through painting, which she studied at the Brera Academy. The academic environment led her to deal with conceptual art, but in her heart she has never abandoned figurative art.
As soon as she finished her studies, she took up the paintbrush again. 
Gianandrea Sergi is from Lombardy, studied fashion design and then went to a traditional men's tailor's workshop in Turin, where he learned the technique and practice of creating clothes from scratch, from the pattern to the mannequin. He learned so well that in 2013 he was awarded a prize in China for his expertise.
Meanwhile, Benedetta arrives at Miu Miu, first in the boutique in Milan and then in the showroom as a saleswoman, and her training in fashion gains commercial prospects and expands. She did a course in print and fabric design in Como. 
Their path is already clear: she toric, he practical. She designs on paper in two dimensions, he constructs on a mannequin.
The idea for the collection starts with an artistic concept that takes shape in garments, layers like intimate constructions. They cover bodies that are the shells of souls.
The body is covered not exalted, uniforms are abandoned, the rules of ordinary standardisation are subverted.
Radical in destroying the rules and re-discussing the creative concept and the norms of men's and women's clothing. She covers, he discovers, she conceals, he reveals, she builds, he destroys. But they are complementary and the creative process remains between them to manifest only the final result, discussed, tried and felt in everyday life. They complement each other and the project has both the strength of doing and the strength of realisation. Their concept translated into synthesis and shared by both is: "Take off your uniform to put on yourself".